Important Things to Know About Car Servicing Cape Town

//Important Things to Know About Car Servicing Cape Town

Important Things to Know About Car Servicing Cape Town

Different factors influence the time intervals of car servicing, quite a number of people ask “how frequent should car servicing be done?” Even though there are varying factors to be considered before giving a precise answer to this question, here are three major things you should put into consideration:

  • The distance you drive: The number of distance (in terms of miles) is highly significant in determining when your car is due for servicing
  • The maintenance level of your car: Some individuals just use their cars anyhow without paying attention to the efficiency, not to talk of a little disparity in the sound the car produces. If a car is well maintained, the intervals between the servicing periods can be wider.
  • Road quality: If the surface of the road you often drive on is very poor, your car has a tendency to get worn out faster. Therefore, it is expedient that car servicing Cape Town is carried out to ensure car efficiency.

However the case may be, it is more advisable to take your car for servicing yearly or after 15000 km have been travelled, you do not have to wait for something to go wrong first. If you drive a heavy car, you should have it serviced after six months of use or after driving 10000 km.

Most of the advanced cars have been equipped with a facility to indicate when servicing is due. It appears in form of a spanner-like flash of a warning light on your dashboard. Perhaps your car does not have this function, you can contact us for good counsel on how to go about your car maintenance and servicing in Cape Town.

Benefits of Car Servicing

Maintaining a correct routine of car servicing for your car with a car servicing company has so many benefits, which include;

  • Your mind can always be at rest while driving the car.
  • You spend less on fuelling the car.
  • Sustenance of good economic value.
  • Optimum performance.
  • No need for unnecessary spending on repairs.
  • Correct and quality parts and equipment will be used for your car.

Tips on Car Servicing Cape Town

  • That your car is still running well does not infer that there is no need for servicing. Never wait until something goes wrong before you take your car to a specialist for maintenance. Prevention is ultimately the best.
  • You may not know much about cars and how they should be maintained. Good news, you don’t necessarily have to because that is why we are here in Cape Town for you, we do the worrying and the job, you bring your car, and our charges are quite affordable.
  • Your car comes with a manual from the manufacturer, make sure you read it
  • Never miss your car service schedules for any reason, it is risky.

As much as you take proper care of your body, take proper care of your car too, it is yours after all.


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