Full Car Service

Full Car Service

Per adventure you were going to travel over the pacific in an airplane, you would definitely be paranoid if the plane had not undergone proper maintenance checks prior to that time, wouldn’t you? It is just natural for a human being to be conscious of his/her safety irrespective of the reason for or means of transportation.

Likewise our bodies require proper maintenance such as balance diet, body exercise, good rest and sleep, and frequent check-ups by your doctor to ensure that every component of the body is functioning as it ought to.

The same goes for cars. As scheduled visit to the doctor for thorough check-up is good for your body, so is taking your car to its ‘doctor’, essential for the car to work efficiently. The known statement “prevention is better than cure” is also applicable to the car you drive.  Basic maintenance culture and car service is highly important if you intend for your car to last long.

The Schedule for Full Car Service

As at today, the recommendation for complete car service is yearly; ensure that you service your car at least once in 12 months or once after covering 15,000 kilometers (on petrol engines). Complete car service includes an all-round check on your car. The plugs, coolant system, engine, wheels, starter motor, and all other things you can think of or not, which are parts of your car, would be carefully checked. During the car service, every tiny detail of the car is paid attention to and those found to be faulty are immediately repaired or replaced based on what is required. A complete car service is as always very extensive and subject to the car manufacturer’s guidelines. It is important to know that Full Car Service costs more money because it requires more work on the car.

Duration for Car Service

The time spent at the garage for a car service largely depends on what you want to do, complete car service takes an average of 3 hours to be completed while if all you want to do is replace the oil and change the filter, you would not spend more than 30 minutes. These periods mentioned are speculated in the absence of any other thing your car service provider may recommend.

Benefits of Car Service

Generally, people see car servicing as adhering to the scheduled maintenance procedures itemized by the car manufacturer, however, a car driver or owner might not even have a clue of what is being done during car service. This is so because a car consists of many more components other than tyres, plugs, etc., that are commonly known.

Ultimately, adherence to scheduled car service keeps cars in good conditions. Potential problems are appropriately addressed before they can start causing harm to the car or in the long run, endanger its driver and occupants.

Car service also improves the value of your car, in that potential car buyers also request for and check how consistent your car servicing has been done. An excellent car service record speaks excellent car maintenance.

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